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Oct. 3rd, 2014 12:22 pm
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AU of Dick Grayson... if Bruce Wayne didn't take him in, after the fall of his parents. Instead, he spent some time around orphanages, but then he ran away. And, as a stray that could be very useful, Selina Kyle took him in.

(This journal is not associated with any specific version of Selina. Unless prior contact has been made, I won't poke at any Selinas of any canon version. On the other hand, if any Selina player is interested in exploring this kind of AU, that would be lovely. But just putting this out here.)

Yes, he's a thief. Yes, he's very, very good at it. Yes, he's glad that Zucco is gone, but has a chip on his shoulder that he didn't do it. No, he's not fond of causing people's deaths, but he's not as firmly opposed to it as his usual counterparts.

Yes, he still flies. Leaps, that is. Yes, he always lands on his feet.

Current possible moniker is Whiskers. I may have to work on that.


* Default.

He's a thief, age flexible, doing heists and getting into all sorts of trouble. Watch out. He likes playing with his prey.

* Claws.

With Dick being out of the picture, Jason is the boy who ends up as the first Robin. The two boys have a playful relationship that varies greatly depending on mood, and much more. The two do get along greatly when they have the chance, street-raised enough to understand each other very well.

And then the Joker gets to Jason.

Raised without Bruce's set ways, Dick goes after the Joker, when he can, and kills him. It's not brief, and Dick doesn't come out of it unscarred, physically and mentally.

And, of course, then the Bat comes after him. Tolerating a thief who might, on occasion, help things out is one thing. Tolerating a killer, now that's something else entirely.

Busting him out is among the first things that Jason does, once he's back in Gotham. And the kitten, after years in Arkham, has grown into a rangy, dangerous young cat. Whiskers's left behind. He earns the moniker Claws.


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